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Reviews for "The Interrogation"


THIS IS SO INFIERIATING!she is so guilty! ive caught her in leis and all she does is say that she wants to leave!..on a different note,i think its interesting how so many different pepole are involved.even eople from the very first stories,like how thats mr klinks party for ther anaversery that we help him with.and how that clerk is also the secratary formr klink,and how thethe collige of the dead women gives the speech first.

OK it was alright

it was fun but i got a little annoyed...i kept having to restart but great game anyways..............................


it was a little boring for me. i couldn't be bothered reading it all ;\

pretty gay

I didn't like the game,but I beat it first try.

Pretty Hard

Man I got cornered a heap but really fun and challenging game