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Reviews for "The Interrogation"


I played this years ago(without playing the others ('cause i didnt know it was a series) and was confuse, now I laughed as I remembered the beggining!

Great game

I watch a lot of police shows like CSI, Law and Order, and i think this is a very awesome game because its just like being in one of those shows. I really enjoyed it. I also liked your customer service game. that one was hard until the hint lol. well best of luck at making more of these games, I'm looking forward to it.

CallMeToXiC - Get Over It

The last reviewer apparently forgot that he/she was supposed to review your game in its entirety, and NOT the brief little introduction in the beginning.

Anyways, this was actually one of the better games in the Negotiation series. The graphics aren't all that great, but the storyline is good enough to allow us to overlook that. All in all, this is a great game.


It was OK, but you let your political views fall out through the speech at the beginning. For that I award you 1 star; politics should NEVER be brought up in a game. I know a lot of people will give this review a bad rating, but the truth is, you should never mix politics and flash-games.



that one was a challenge dude, good job! :D