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Reviews for "The Interrogation"

Hard One! :D

Here're some hints for the game. Please don't look until you've tried it yourself :)

- Truth
- Where she was
- Tell her no one had seen her from 11.30 - 1am
- Kid with her
- Find her attractive
- Why she is afraid of Ted
- Didn't call police
- Bracelet
- When she left the bracelet
- If she believes Ted is a murderer
- Explain about the car
- How do you know about the car
- You did not tell her about the car
- Effective tactic is to withhold information

That's part one for you :D

- Why did she park it there
- Driver
- Time
- Continue
- Continue
- Grand Theft
- Seen them before?

And then this part is completed (:


Awsome game, difficult but I got it time for part two


it was too hard


I cant get through it though

dang, that's a hard one.

that was by far one of the hardest game so far. but once you get to part two, it's gets alot easier. great game.