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Reviews for "The Interrogation"

A fine piece of work.

The Ambition series is worthy of the acclaim it has received. That's why people like the person who reviewed this submission before me should not ruin it by giving away all of the correct answers. Why take the fun out of it for everyone else?

Basic Walkthrough

Okay, after the extremely stupid and long begining that you can't skip, then just press the choice that corresponds with the number.

The following is the selection and a brief description of the question asked.

1 The Truth
1 Where were you?
1 Really, where the hell were you?
2 Can anyone vouch for that?
1 Relationship?
3 Did you call the police?
2 What about the bracelet?
2 What about Paxwic?
3 Relationship? (again, it moves along)
2 You the Murderer? Bitch?
3 Is Ted the Murderer?
1 Stolen Tire Iron
2 How do you know about the car?
2 No I didn't tell you
2 Withheld info
2 Why'd you park it there?
2 Driver?
3 Time?
2 Continue...
2 Continue...
3 Grand theft
1 See them before?


ok theres only one question about the car. then i kept going but there was nothing more about the car. ugh this is hard. but i arrested her and it said she didnt do it. but in the second one it said she did!!


Good job man!! love the series even tho they may be hard

btw mindlessmonkey i think u meant INHALE :)


i hate these people who says an incredible game like this or anything else sucks because they can't fucking win. It's incredible crap. Yeah i'm talking about you dead_skull and SadakoYamamura.
Not all of the answers are wrong, you're just stupid cause a load of people, including myself, have beaten it. So take your sorry buts back the the 1st grade where you belong.


Okay i'm good. Overall, i love this series. It was incredibly hard for me. But thanks to some people, i was finally able to beat it. It's alot harder than part2 but it's still good. Awesome work. And keep going.