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Reviews for "The Interrogation"

Not bad

I quite enjoyed this, although perhaps her mouth needs better animating? Maybe the graphics need to be better too, especially the hair as it looked slightly dodgy.

Good, but with some holes.

It took me several tries to win, so I guess I was satisfied with the difficulty of the game, but I've never been good at reading people in the first place. A few pointers:

-12 P.M. is noon. 12 A.M. is midnight.
-At a few points, Bridget's behavior makes it abundantly clear that she is mentally unwell. I understand that she IS mentally unwell, but she's shrewd and calculating enough that she'd have learned what people will buy and what they won't. The bit about the bracelet in particular would cause an interrogator to think "hoooo boy, this lady is nuts."
-Bridget uses a few words that don't exist, for example "desperosity". I'm not sure if this was intentional or not.


The Interrogation,
A not so well though of interactive game.

I thought there could of been more to it.
during The Interrogation listen to how see talks and what she says. You'll have no problem finishing it.

Excellent Game!

You can easily get past the this interrogation the first time. Just remember what she says and pay attention to the info she is providing. Also careful of what your asking. Other than that you'll be good to go.

Great job as always

this took me 3 tries so i would say it was fairly easy but still hard if you think before you answer you should do good