Reviews for "TeH oPpOsItEs"

I've got that damn tune stuck in my head! >>;

Smooth animation, very cute. The humour ran a little dry at some points, but I liked it nonetheless. That tune in the background drove me crazy though, cause I just couldn't figure out where I had heard it before until I read the credits. lol Anyway, good work. I'd love to see another.

Not Bad

I found the pacing and humour a bit slow, and over-dleiberate. The gags were telegraphed so far in advance that there was no surprise value.

There are precedents for deliberate pacing - John Kricfalusi comes to mind, but I believe that you could still make your delivery a little more snappy.

What is this!?

How unrealistic! How could the fan still spin if it wasn't connected to the house!? BLAM! Haha, nah. Just joking, I don't really care. This flash wasn't serious anyways. But back to my review, the animation was crisp and fast. It was smooth and drawn well. It never got boring at any parts either. Great job, awesome addition to the NG portal. My only problem was the fact that he took so long to turn on the fan. Either way, I vote 5!


the animation is so smooth and cartoonish. has ryan khatham's animations inspired you, because this looks very familiar to his. (which is a very good complement)

also, where do you get all your cartoon sound effects?

Cute! =^_^=

WHERE HAVE I HEARD THAT MUSIC BEFORE?! Argh! Anyway I feel sorry for the shotty lookin stickman, he has no furnishings other than a couch. X3 I will rember to tighten my roof. Anyway that was some GOOOOOOOOODDDDD flash and AMAZING explosion effects! That earns you a 10 in graphics alone.