Reviews for "TeH oPpOsItEs"

Your flash movies r strangley good...

All of ur movies have a famililarity about them. They all are about random crap. Dont misunderstand me, they're good, but reeeeaaaaallly realllly storyline *free*. When i rated 1 of ur other movies about a giangantic beaqm attack you said this would have a storyline. What the hell is it???? Very good flash though. I liked the part when the roof came back down and it went into slo-mo. =D


The movie was cool but i still have no idea what the title has to do with the acctual movie. Make more plz though!


Reece, It's Schmatty, love Teh Opposites! Probably one of the best of your animations that I've seen. Keep it up man, I love them. Make a second coming of this.


nice flash

backround music reminds me of kindergartren

nice one

seen the making of it day by day.... must say tht it turned out more than just ok!

thts my wee ryhm for ya for getting daily thrid place! keep them coming receey boy