Reviews for "TeH oPpOsItEs"


nice animation and okay story. i liked it. i think the end should have been more violent though when that piece fall on him. i gave it a 4.

extremeanimator responds:

lol i know that animations are really funny with violence but when you see cartoons on the tv such as looney tunes they dont have blood and guts violence they got something called humor violence which is funny instead of gory! :D i was having a go at doing that...

it was alright.

the film was kinda boring but,the animation was great.hopefully you'll do better next time.

Nicly done

Really nice style, but I found one problem..... it kinda draged on..... but I gave it a 5 anyways!

extremeanimator responds:

lots of people have noticed that it dragged on, so ill try make it better next episode....

Very smooth...

The animation flowed nicely. It was funny and a pleasure to watch.

Good job.

i love it!

its great, its funny, and the music rox! i hope the poor little yellow-headed sticman gets a new home! im waiting for a sequal!

extremeanimator responds:

i dont think that that stick will get a new home, but if somewhere he does then he wont be buying a fan again! LOL i like the pre loader music more than the other one, its more.... Fuuunkay... boo yer lol