Reviews for "TeH oPpOsItEs"


That was retarded!! I loved it!! Very nice artwork, and the whole plot was pointless, pure comedy. And the annoying music helped. Keep up the good work.


God... WTF was that.First:y did u takes that fucking music= 0 sound.Second:y did u takes these graphiqs, they sucks(plus, u copied the Ryan Khatam'S ones = 2 graphiqs. Third:its suck a lot. So i think i can bring a 2 for the overall score


First of all, that music just pisses me off. It sounds so gay that it makes me want to go on a bloody rampage. Second of all, how dare you take Ryan Khatam's style of drawing...you bastard. You didn't even do a good job at copying it. Extreme animator my ass...


Nice work there...never thought of that...though it IS kinda lame to suggest a joke like that...anyway, I liked it, just that the whole thing was too long. Also, the background music...what can I say, I don't know, I'd rather prefer you find some other music for a better effect...

It was crap

What the f**k was that all about that was crap please dont post s**t like that on this site