Reviews for "TeH oPpOsItEs"


Funny... now I must share it with my friends or feel eternal guilt.

And if you're wondering about the 1 for activity, I count play and replay buttons and links to sites and stuff as interactivity.

I liked it good job.

But something is burning me. Where did you get that song? I know I heard it in another Flash, but I am not sure which one.

extremeanimator responds:

hey the song playing at the pre-loader was the duff man theme from the simpsons and the other song playing throughout the movie is from the animation on newgrounds called pencilmation......

Nice job

You did a really good job of animation, but the story was really slow. there needs to be more reason to watch that guy for so long instead of just watching his drama queen reactions to the two events.

extremeanimator responds:

well i was thinking that i should have been building up the suspense... then the roof comes down, i meen i was only trying to make the timing realistic! if the roof was up that high controlled by a high powered fan then it would have taken a while for it to come down, so i dont really see whats so bad about the timing? but ill take your advice and make it quicker in the possible next "teh opposites" eppisode! :D

song location

The song you are refferingto is by yello, i don't know the name though. u probebly remember it from the duff man appearences in the simpsons. What? the movie?....it was ok i guess


Where have I heard that music before? :S
Sounds way too formiliar...
Cool though.
VERY smooth.
What happened to his hands? Get lazy?
Just kidding.:P
But funny idea. Even the sign, Tighten roof now. Sweet.:P
Sounds effects work. Very cartoony. Especially the roof peices falling.

extremeanimator responds:

lol hey i just found out then that i did leave his hands out! lol, but i am a big fan of ryan khatam and his stick figure cartoons! so in most of his they only show their hands in close up scenes but when they are far away then they are just lines! but yer i didnt even think of putting the hands in when he is running lol, o well, i luv the end scene where he just dives outa the house as if it was a bomb about to hit it, and then he comes up surviving but yet a bit of wood hits him and hes gone lol!