Reviews for "TeH oPpOsItEs"


That was really good. My only complaints were that the music got annoying after a while and the story slowed down a bit too much in some areas. Other than that it was really good. Way to go, make more.


That was a new one! Extremely creative! Kinda hit me in a strange way, my last place had a covered porch and a storm damaged it. Shit land lady fix? Rip the roof off the porch! I'll never forget gettin home the day that happened. Anyway, the movie is such an original! Great color and sun light affects! W00T!


That was way too fucking long, way too fucking boring, and way too fucking pointless. Baby Jesus cries.


liked the art and the ending... thats y i didnt blam...

Sounded Familiar

It's the same music that's in the flash Pencilmation. A lot of the same sound effect, too. Is this like a set of sounds or something? It was funny, though. Not bad.