Reviews for "TeH oPpOsItEs"

I liked it

you did a good job. unlike most good movies that get submitted to the portal it isnt really short
. well done


Nice one. cool animation


From someone who just watches, it took too long to get to the good parts. It had some stunning,(yes I said stunning), visuals that I haven't seen before in flash. Good job


well done...very well animated...nice frame by frame...but ure characteres look ripped from the guy who made johnny rocket fingers...

extremeanimator responds:

woah thnx for the comment on fbf cause it took a long time to do those! and my characters are just made up a stick with a yellow head and facial expressions... lots of peoples do that i think.. but yer im a big fan of ryan khatam (the one who made the jonny rocket fingers) and i have learnt from his animations and gone onto making my own!


was pretty good!