Reviews for "TeH oPpOsItEs"


You've done better.This was just plain.

extremeanimator responds:

do i know u? to b honest i dont think that i have done better than this one considering that this one took about a month to make and all teh others took about 2 weeks or sometin like that... but i guess it not about how long it took to make them its whats in it that counts... o well

ToPcAtYo LiKeS TeH oPpOsItEs

Funny cartoon. I really enjoyed it. The animation was great, I loved the song, and the idea was really cool.
Keep up the work.

extremeanimator responds:

ExTrEmE aNiMaToR lIkEs ToPcAtYo... LOL thnx for the good comments dude im glad you liked it!

Hehe great!!

lol awesome! good luck on having the daily feature award!

extremeanimator responds:

lol aww dam i was hoping that i got that award but o well maybe next time

I like the duck

The duck was funny.
All the other things to.
But not as funny as the duck.

extremeanimator responds:

lol why is the duck so funny? is it cause he put a helmate on or wat? LOL


its strage that an animation with no SUPER SUPER graphics where so coooooool like this one, i voted 5 and that is abnormal i relly congratullate you, it was an amazing work!!!!