Reviews for "TeH oPpOsItEs"

Bloody brilliant animation

Bloody smooth and flawless, well done

Everybody has to watch this !

Man , that was so ******* funny ! The entire movie was well thought out , and the character , too ! Lol , the fan part was pretty funny , it must of been going around at least 1000 mph ! What's with the bird and it's helmet :) , lol . I loved the whole movie , and the end , too . You have to make another one ! That was awesome guy !

extremeanimator responds:

lol yer that fan is amazing! its like a rocket! o and with the bird well it put the helmate on cause it didnt want to almost get hit by another "roof" again lol, ill see if i can think of another idea for the next eppisode, although i was trying to work with this guy on the internet doing a co-operative animation... ill have to see what happens!

that was great

good job dude. The classic humor is great. The sound effects add a lot to the humor. The facial expressions were probably the funniest part.

extremeanimator responds:

yer im trying to work on my facial expressions and improve them like the detail of ryan khatam!

Not bad

Not a bad flash at all, good job. Oh, to answer Quandt question, the song in the preloader is Oh Yeah by Yello. It was the movie Ferris Beuller's Day Off theme.

It´s nice...

Hey, what is the name of that music playing on preloader?!?
Your flash movie is cool!