Reviews for "TeH oPpOsItEs"

Kinda Long

This video was a bit long. I liked it, but if it had been shorter it would probably be a lot more funny. I really liked the animation. I liked that happy music, it was funny cuz it didnt really match the story at points, and thats awesome. If that makes sense...

extremeanimator responds:

lol thanks man, ill try harder on my next episode, thats if i can think of another episode! lol

Good graphics ... i didnt like it besides that... i gave sound a 0 because i heard the backround song on a different movie before... i like the explosion at the ends too

extremeanimator responds:

hey some people like it some people dont im ok wit that, but yer i agree about the explosion at the end, its from the game called worms 2


The actual story was a bit long and everything was dragged out. But the animation was superb expecially the explosion at the end :).

Well Played.


This has a alot of potential!

You need a better story, maybe a lil humor?

Ohh well, very good animation keep it up!


Very fine job on this! It was funny as all get out and had good smooth animation. I like the style too. Definantly do another.

extremeanimator responds:

hey hey thnx man, it takes a long time to complete a smooth f-b-f animation but the result usally turns out great if ya know the right timing and movement! im planning on doing another because of all you great people out there supporting me in my next episode!