Reviews for "TeH oPpOsItEs"

Nice stuff

i especially love the sounds, they are pulled off perfectly and the graphics are real smooth. i guess you like stick people but i think you have the potential to do more than that. gr8 work man.

extremeanimator responds:

you really think that i have the potential.. cause i know i do lol :D

This is a really good movie.

I thought it was going to be terrible when I saw "teh" and the OpPoSiNg LeTtErS- But it was actually really good! Next time try to keep your titles sensible. This would have worked fine as "The Opposites."

extremeanimator responds:

the point of calling teh opposites was to switch the letters around cause its the opposites.. get it? but yer i hope you likes it

I like the duck

The duck was funny.
All the other things to.
But not as funny as the duck.

extremeanimator responds:

lol why is the duck so funny? is it cause he put a helmate on or wat? LOL

that was great

good job dude. The classic humor is great. The sound effects add a lot to the humor. The facial expressions were probably the funniest part.

extremeanimator responds:

yer im trying to work on my facial expressions and improve them like the detail of ryan khatam!


That was a new one! Extremely creative! Kinda hit me in a strange way, my last place had a covered porch and a storm damaged it. Shit land lady fix? Rip the roof off the porch! I'll never forget gettin home the day that happened. Anyway, the movie is such an original! Great color and sun light affects! W00T!