Reviews for "Marcus Peblo 4! the saga."


I think you should give up your profession as a flash artist and take up Life studies...


Ok now now, This was soo booring I didn't want to see what happends at the end, sure you have sound, but it BLOWZ, what I think is neat here is the graphics, no violence, I think violence rather sucks, humor is cooler, if something makes me laugh I say it's GOD-LIKE, I don't come to newgrounds to admire ppl's work, no, I come to laugh out loud! (LOL) Anyhow, Use ure skillz with a better idea...

Christ Jesus

I was looking through some of the other reviews and it puts serious strain on my mind that so many people could actually like this shit. The graphics were good but GOD DAMN. It made no fucking sense at all. That music made me want to beat the shit out of something and then throw up all over the place. This piece of crap is going give me nightmares and keep me in a bad mood for quite a while...I wish I had means of going back in time and preventing myself from ever seeing it.

Whoa....floating fairy dust.

Fluffy duffy, stupid, disney channel kid show crap with hemroids on the side. Other then that the graphics were a little above average.

okay, I tried to give it a chance

I watched it sober, and it sucked; I watched it drunk, and, suprise, it still sucked. Maybe if I were really stoned... hell.. who am I kidding: it would still suck. I hate to repeat words so often, but the few brain cells I had before this flash began spontaneously underwent apoptosis. This is a pretentious piece of garbage. The third episode was better in that it had scenes which suggested pedophilia and cannabalism, which is the level at which I think this thing needs to connect. Hell, who needs concepts or reasons: I want kids being fucked and eaten.