Reviews for "Marcus Peblo 4! the saga."

fucking awesome!!!

i pretty much loved everything about that flash. it was done greatly, mad propz to the music. late.. -euforik


oh what ho! what a capital idea

Hard to follow storyline yes,.... BUT...

what's with some of you reviewers who said it made you want to "kick someone in the skull" or "throw up all over the place" etc etc..... jesus christ whatis the matter with you people? sure you dont have to like the movie, but why does your dislike for something manifest itself in violent or weird ways... maybe you're just saying it, but STILL...


Just like an abstract painting, different people see different things in this series. Each episode with a meaning. I love it... The power of one person's influence... the way theres always people not wanting others to succeed... simply amazing


im still confused but i suspect im not the only one i guess its up to every one to have thier own opinion on what all this means. But great job on the animation and sounds keep up the good work.