Reviews for "Marcus Peblo 4! the saga."

Best animation ever!

Fantastic animation, great sound a brek from the normal voilence filled movies don't get me wrong though I love violence too! One of the greatest movies ever. Hope to see more soon.


that was the joint. nice work. i'd like to see the full series.

you need to kick this plot into motion

cause its going nowhere, sure theres hidden stuff in each episode, but this story has more holes then story to it, and is going at a monotonous pace, none the less i still like the drawings and backrounds. sound and music are in there, its just the story is just non existent almost, so far


Art work is spectacular and the story being told could be epic as the the harry potter series but you need to explain more. Each episode lays more question then it answers if it answers them at all. You need to start to move this series along and start to answer the question you lay in each episode. "marcus shall save us all"


This was great... I feel sorry for thos who don't like it.