Reviews for "Marcus Peblo 4! the saga."

Good shit....

..immpressive stuff, but someones got to teach masterstump how to spell!

I like your style...

can't wait for part 5. You've inproved much from the earlier episodes.

Shut Up Muzzle

Hey Muzzle, just shut up and review the movie you faggot. I want to kick you in the skull and throw up all over you etc. etc...... you fuckin bastard

Love the series

i love the story, uniqueness of it all but i have some problems graspig why the characters in the story arn't as well planned out as the backgrounds?

i wish you would have put more effort i guess in the character design they eyes...especially one scene they suit your style very well and then theres a scene where his eyees are covering the WHOLE corner of his head...as if you got lazy and were looking to cut some corners.

but overall dude...creativity is there now just work on the characters craftmenship and you'll get my vote on perfect 10s

hope this criticism the right way to help you improve and not discourage you to do anymore videos because with all honestly i LOVE mood of suspence you've created!


This movie is quite weird and interesting. It was hard for me to grade this movie because of the weirdness. I think you should watch it a score it yourself.