Reviews for "Marcus Peblo 4! the saga."


Beautiful, fucking beautiful! I can't believe the audio and visual were done by you. I love it!!!

Fantasia for your PC

The first thing that caught my eye about this is the relations or possible relations of this and Fantasia... This looks so much like Disney's work its nots even funny! Especially in the last few years Disney has adopted this "Big Eyed Anime" like, way for contructing their characters looks... This flash looks 3d accelerated! I feel like I am watching a layed studio max presentation! To me though I still feel kind of curious as to what this is pointing too... Another Thing this reminds me of is Lucas arts work on the old game Dig and its Fantasy like creation... There is just stuff in this flash that I would think that would be hard to concieve... I am personally happy that this person's work is out there to view and should be noticed! Even though I am epileptic (Seizure Disorder) this film makes me want to have a seizure but its not insulting to me and I find it pleasant to watch it over and over to pick up missed art... Watch it and Enjoy!

Great Animation

The anianiamtion is incredible... I dont understand what its about though...

A 10...NOT A 2!!!

I agree with the last reviewer. The Marcus Peblo saga is amazing. I started with part four but I've gone back to review them all. One word...Captivating. I can't wait for 5.


always geting better