Reviews for "Marcus Peblo 4! the saga."


Stanz wtf? are you stupid? There is a story here, if you wacthed episodes 1-3 youd understand, maybe its the fact it doesent have a skateborder or stickmen in it that you dont see a story, this is poetic, and damn well done!


that was absoletly amazing............wowee...... .its tyhe best movie ive ever seen

I love MArcus Peblo

I love the Marcus Peblo cartoons, ive seen all 4. yay. i dont get them at all though. they just look good and sound good and kick ass mighty goodly. good job.


this reminded me of disney's style of animation, very well drawn, the music went perfect with the movie as well, good job :)


It was cool to see a good variety of different characters in this episode and it went along really smooth and relaxing plus a lot of the animation and effects we're really impressive for it's time,great job yet again on this episode.