Reviews for "Marcus Peblo 4! the saga."


i didn't understand what the hell was going, but the graphics were great.

Nice overall work...

I really appreciate the fact that you attempted to create much more detailed backgrounds and images to bring your animation to life. The animation itself and the story are quite good, but I need to make a suggestion. For the more complex images, it appears as though you created them in a raster-based program such as Fireworks or Photoshop. Thus, the resolution goes to shit when imported into vector-based Flash. This makes it apparent what is done in Flash and what isn't. Next time, try using vector-based Illustrator or FreeHand and you very well may get better results. Nice job and good luck.

Hard to follow storyline yes,.... BUT...

what's with some of you reviewers who said it made you want to "kick someone in the skull" or "throw up all over the place" etc etc..... jesus christ whatis the matter with you people? sure you dont have to like the movie, but why does your dislike for something manifest itself in violent or weird ways... maybe you're just saying it, but STILL...

Just Great

I love this series. I watch it over and over just marveling at the sounds, images and creativity that went into this. Hurry up and finish the series, I want to see more.


im still confused but i suspect im not the only one i guess its up to every one to have thier own opinion on what all this means. But great job on the animation and sounds keep up the good work.