Reviews for "Marcus Peblo 4! the saga."


EXCELLENT JOB! That is definatly some awesome animation up there. Of course the story is an enigma, but who the hell cares!? Most movies on NG have no plot. This movie had so much more! Keep it up!

P. S.- ANYONE who says this movie sucked because of the graphics ought to shut the hell up. (Not like anyone will, I'm just defending it, really.)


Another kid sent to save our hero. I hope then they can go free that poor kid that's locked up. Bloody demon bats aren't going to eat shit... well mabe they will eat shit... but... Well you got the idea. Great fuckin' series, man. I don't know how long it takes you to make an installment (I can only imagine), but I can't wait. Keep it kickin'.


This movie was incredibly well done, got to Eric's site to see 2 & 3. They're so awesome!


Never have I seen such a masterful work of flash art. Even though a think the meaning may be a bit obscure, the mere art work and visual effects of this flash movie are stunning. The music could use a little work but it was still great. Contact me if you'd like help with the music, I am a fledgling techno/trance/rave music composer myself and would love to help. All in all, it was a great job and a milestone in flash animation.

This thing is oozing with gorgeousity

Very abstract, very mystical, very surreal, the animation and effects are so sensuous that they caress my eyes, the soundtrack is so soothing that makes me dream of the universe. Marcus Peblo is probably born-again Jesus Christ the Savior Himself!!