Reviews for "Marcus Peblo 4! the saga."

Very nice

Extremely nice graphocs, some of the best Ive seen. Sound was very nice too, could be improved a few places but overallsound was good. Interactivity: Som might give you something for that playbutton, but I dont. I only give a movie interactivity if its a game or something. The Style you use get a 10, cause its near prefect. No violence and no humor, but thats not always a bad thing. I only give the overall 6 cause it wasnt very entertaining, if it wasnt for the great graphics and sound I would have leaved.

good stuff, the animation is top notch, but...

Well wgere to start. This starts off as one of the finest pieces of artwork ever to grace flash. The animation is 'movie' quality and the sound track is very moving, i was thoroughly impressed. This had quality written all over and my finger was poised ready to give it that magic 5 mark.
this is quite a big but, after about 3 minutes i begin to wonder where the hell this is all going.
it seems there is no plot to it and waffles on for a few more minutes which then lessened the effect of what is truly great animation, get a descent plot sorted and this boy could go places


I liked it.. but I don't exactly understand what the fuck was going on...


Great graphics, some of the best on the portal. But it has not plot at all, well not yet. I watched all of the episodes in chronological order and still there isn't anything explaned.


watching this movie makes me seriously want to kick someone's fucking skull in. maybe the author, or maybe just the first person who walks in the room. The main point here is that this item is loaded down with enough eye-thrashing visual spurts, tweens and ejaculations of crap is enough to send Mother Theresa into a killing rage. And she's dead.