Rogue Fable III

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Rogue Fable III combines the challenge, tactics and strategy of classic roguelikes with a modern interface and graphics. Designed from the ground up to be beatable in a single hour, but with a huge variety between runs. Rogue Fable III includes:

- 9 base character classes which can be multiclassed over the course of a game.
- 6 skills, 65 talents and 42 abilities from which to build your character.
- 13 unique dungeon branches to discover
- 110 monster types each with their own abilities, behaviors, strengths and weaknesses.
- 140 items to collect.

Rogue Fable III is in active, continuous development and will be receiving regular updates for the next few weeks at which point I am planning on bringing the game to Steam Early Access.

Massive thanks to the many testers who helped make this release possible. I couldn’t have done it without you guys!

We’ve been using a discord group for feedback, bugs and general game discussion:

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The game is really good, don't get me wrong. It's just really Hard. The Rouge's starting weapon is weak, and the Mages are cool to play as and fun. I just think it could use some improvement.

Maybe try and strengthen the Rogues attack, or just try to make the game a bit easier. I think that would make it a lot more enjoyable, and not just for serious Gamers. I think a lot of people don't play this because of the difficulty, and I think just making the game a bit easier would make it a lot better.

I like this game but it is too difficult. I have never won the game so far.

I like this game because it perfectly illustrates what an abusive relationship looks like. I make a character, enjoy leveling him, then I die for some stupid tiny mistake. I feel terrible and want to leave. But then I keep coming back to it.

This game is super addicting! the Music in the tower is awesome. Keep up the good work!!

The game is so addicting. I would give it 5 stars if you would give the Rouge a better weapon. The short sword is so bad for his starting weapon instead of the spear in the previous game. Thanks

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3.93 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2018
8:32 PM EST
Adventure - RPG