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Reviews for "Rogue Fable III"

Game is very addicting.
Even through sometimes you die out of bad luck, which is aweful if it was a character you worked hard on and have Great equipment like my Warrior with 90+ hp and +5 spear and great gear.
Like been teleported right in the middle of enemies of getting critical or reflect damage.
Manage to finish game with few classes.
Storm mage probably the most powerful next to Ranger.
My ranger could do 400+ critical damage. With Javelin and using skill on enemy that was on water. Not only that my ranger had a +5 slingshot which allowed me to use a shield and be extremely hard to kill tank, a lot more than my warrior. Since My Ranger had very high Evade as well.
My Ranger was unbeatable, sadly forgot to take screenshot. wish that the game had save system to save characters that did finish the game. Have a save as reward instead of some useless cup.
Storm mage is the easiest and you can kill anything that stands on water where you do double spell damage and all storm damage becomes AOE.
Here is my mage build.
Freezing cloud allows to put water anywhere to deal extra damage with Thunder.
Here some guide you can follow.
Remember to save a melee weapon for the golems they will reflect all your magic back.
Shock can kill most enemies in 1 shot. Storm attunement and shock you can kill 1 enemy per turn Shock also will kill enemies standing near and with Freezing cloud you can destroy any enemy huge mob of monsters coming your way.

I finally won and it only took me 156 tries. Would love an option to stop a bit less during auto explore, like when picking up objects.

load complete but nothing happens.

I bought this game on steam, but I have to play this version until Linux is supported :). Found a bug - I keep lossing randomly enchantsments from my items. It's getting lowered by 1 (from 2->1 and then from 1->0) and I don't know why and when.. I still recommend this game :)!

I kinda find this very similar to the game for Android which is Pixel Dungeon. Although this is kinda better. But I certainly wish the "modern" UI was more user friendly. Because its displaying multiple stuff that I don't even care to try to make sense of anymore. Great game, I can see the great effort put into this. But it needs improvements.

JustinWang123 responds:

Thank you! What stuff in particular is confusing on the UI? I'm always interested in feedback on usability since obviously I'm the worst person to judge if it makes sense.