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Reviews for "Rogue Fable III"

Domt know why but i find it possible to win with the archer only

Rogue Fable III is the best game and hardly difficult. I´m

Great game!
Although once you figure it out it's easy as hell with all ranged characters, especially with a ranger.
My last run where I was unlucky with new skills:

What is overpowered besides the few classes once you figured out the game?
1. Gold shouldn't be spent on anything else but skills. There isn't a single game where you will not meet a skill trainer. 25 gold/skill is way too op.
2. If you save enchantment tables, enchantment scrolls and transference tables it's gg. All you need is a useless item with 4+ stats and your main item is already at "+5". Even if it is your basic item that's maxed (in case of a ranger the short bow) the game is won already. If you are lucky enough you can max a longbow as the first "+5" item. In some cases, you won't be able to do that before the last levels, but even then you can transfer the stats to the longbow from the short bow with a saved table from a previous lvl.
3. Only in rare cases you won't find the better version of your main weapon (e.g.: longbow in case of a ranger)
4. Although the image I saved from last game is not representative of this problem, but believe it or not this was my worst game ever if we look at talents. Most cases I got too many good things I need. At this, I would prefer to have (in case of a ranger) dead eye, which you can obtain almost every time. And some resist. (I prefer shock because you can dodge every other magical attack, of course I know not every basic attacks are physical, but they are not that powerful)
5. Main skills are too weak in some cases especially if they are not magical. It's not worth to spend talent points on them. In the case, I presented I already had max evasive due to high dexterity my crits were ~230. Why would I spend on my main skills when they only give damage bonus and the amount is not even worth to consider. Cooldown reduction could make them much more attractive.

I did it! I've been playing for like three days but I finally won! I got my ranger to learn charm and fear and bamboozled my way to the Goblet! Yahoo

amazing game! it takes a bit to pick up the strategy necessary but all over amazing