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Reviews for "Rogue Fable III"

It seems really great as a rogue-like, it has all the right elements to get you hooked up and the diverse spells and skills offer great replayability. The only problem, for me, is it is far more interesting to play the game in a fast pace and because of this I will eventually forget about my hp going low and die. I have died countless times with potions still in my inventory just because I didn't watch carefully how much damage I was taking per round, because rounds need to pass fast for the game to be fun and after a certain point enemies appear in groups so it is not hard to die like this. I love this game and I keep playing it but the fact remains, after the 10th level or so I always die.

The game seemed confusing when I first played it, but after giving it another try I got really into it. It's really fun to play :D

This game has been ruined by the explosive force of the RNG with little to no filters.

I must be doing something wrong, every character I play as gets ambushed and killed when i go down 3 floors or before then if i step on a teleport trap! Is there something I'm missing or do i just have super bad luck? I can't level up before I get killed by hordes of goblins, I tried the Necromancer, Ranger, Warrior, Enchanter, and Rogue with the same results each time.

I am quite liking the game so far. Combat's fun, gameplay's addicting, each school opf magic feels unique from one another, the game has a lot of great thigns going for it!

However, aside from the rouge, the Melee classes are just too weak to do anything since they don't have a ranged option, and the ranger just doesn;t have enough going on to justify using him over any any of the spellcasters. Since its an in dev game, I'm hoping these balance issues can be resolved sometime soon.
Also, earlygame loot is far too rare. I'm not asking for a +5 plate armor to drop in the first level or anything, but maybe an extra bit of random starting equipment and a higher drop rate from enemies could work? Also bookcases are far too rare, along with meat

Also, why can we only equip one charm? Maybe as a balancing thing, you can equip charms onto say the gloves or helmet spot too?

Basically, TL;DR: Melee classes + ranger need buffs, More loot drops, specifically of equipment, give us more room to experiment and play around with charms.

I'd also love some customization to the character, like choosing their race, gender, skin color, etc., but that's second to game balance.