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Reviews for "Rogue Fable III"

not so easy to understand ( in my opinion ) but after a while it gets easyier but the game is hard but still fun there is something so rewarding to finally grab the goblet and a quick tip you can use the scroll of blink to get close to the goblet and grab it and then you win in summary fun game but very hard also i have noticed that the mele classes have a harder time to win it is fun and i would recomend it

I like it, but its really punishing when it comes to little mistakes. I suggest making a death's door mechanic, like the one in Darkest Dungeon. This will give the player one last chance to save themselves before they die.

You've done it, you managed to make the only game I've ever bought off of Newgrounds.
Overall the game has a fairly steep learning curve and I often felt like it was unfair or I'd die to complete BS....but it was interesting and complex enough to where I would keep playing regardless until I won and I would learn from my mistakes each time.

I've probably played this game for about 11 hours by now and I think you've done really well to have such an interesting and engaging demo for free that's a bit on the NES difficulty side, but fair enough that after a few rounds I can honestly say a lot of my deaths are my own fault. Wishing you the best for the steam release!

I love this game with all my heart!

This third installment of Rogue Fable is the best one yet, and my favorite game on Newgrounds. I find it very balanced, and each class has a unique set of skills that help them to win. There is a lot of luck, but once you know the strengths and weaknesses of your character and the monsters, luck usually just determines how fast you can win (ok, that probably takes about 100+ games ;-). Most flash games you play a few times until you win, but I'm already up to 392 trips into the dungeon.

I found bugs in Rogue 1 and 2, but I've yet to find a bug in Rogue 3. Really reliable and interesting gameplay.

I can't imagine changing anything, but the one item that could be changed is the cold counter in the Ice Caves. I like the idea of getting colder and having to find a fire to warm up at, but since you can just quit and come back to reset the cold counter, it ends up being annoying.

Not that it's always the best skill to have, but Charm (or Domination Scroll) are definitely well developed design elements that make the gameplay very interesting. I start to bond with the monsters, especially when they save my bacon. You almost mourn their loss if they've been with you through many levels of adventure. It's an added challenge to try and have them with you at the end, hoisting the Goblet of Yendor together!