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Reviews for "Rogue Fable III"

What did you use to make this? Ive been wanting to get into game making
(Love it btw)

JustinWang123 responds:

JavaScript and Phaser. If you have any other questions feel free to shoot me a PM.

The fire shrooms can now be attacked!

Killer work man, great job and thanks for sharing! Keep it up!

This shit's cocaine. Great work, though a wiki with more info would help.
Totally adictive and with plenty of room to experiment. I would add a sandbox mode after you've defeated the game with 3 characters or more. Just so you can mess around

JustinWang123 responds:

Thank you! Your fellow players have you covered on the wiki :)

u kidding right? The game is a joke... play as a fighter, a lot of mage stuff... pla as a mage, a fucking badass two hand sword and a lot of armor that gives negative effect to speels... good game, still will play but u are a evil programmer! And pls, make it to Android Phone! (^^")