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Reviews for "Rogue Fable III"

Keep up the good work!

Very difficult, but rightfully so! This game is the optimal roguelike, and I'm highly surprised that it is free. Keep it up, Justin!

Meh. After you develop far enough, you're essentially immortal so long as you're careful. The real challenge is the beginning of the game, where often times you don't have access to any useful equipment for your class and the enemies don't seem to have anywhere near the same limitations you do (summoning as the rat piper is nigh constant, summoning as fast as you can kill, vs. the Necromancer who has his mana cap lowered as he summons and must wait for it to recharge after the skeleton dies, or long-ranged enemies that don't seem to have any limit on how much they can toss at you or spells they can utilize, or being unable to hit an enemy behind an enemy, while certain foes don't have this problem when targeting you).

Getting to the level where your niche becomes practical is more of a matter of luck than skill as well; as particularly difficult enemies, traps, or even the usefulness of equipment in the upper levels is all purely random, and can all spell your doom; so it's particularly frustrating to find a great piece of an equipment on an unlucky run.

This game is extremely addictive.
Is Storm Chopper a reference to Infinity War?

Been playing this game like crazy for months, the whole thing is genius. Some of the characters have balance issues, but I'm hoping a lot of that has been patched in the steam version. I held off reviewing/voting on this game until I'd played it for a while, and it's excellent and really over delivers on what should be expected from an online/flash game. 10/10, keep up the good work. And yes, I just bought the steam version, and I'm looking forward to playing the full balanced version.