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Reviews for "Rogue Fable III"

too hard at later levels. i have to get good luck or run is wasted.

edit:floor 10+ HOW

pretty hard but a fun little dungeon crawler if you get the hang of it but one problem I did notsee a single shop on any of my play throughs

amazing game! it takes a bit to pick up the strategy necessary but all over amazing

Awesome game! One major problem though. There is no town or any merchants that I can see. Without the ability to leave the dungeon and stock up, the game's difficulty becomes too high, especially at deeper levels. An auto-save function is also missing. I don't feel like starting all over when some mummy takes me out because I still have the same crappy sword from the beginning. What exactly is the point of collecting gold if there's nowhere to spend it?

Holy cow this game is difficult, but amazingly fun.