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Reviews for "Rogue Fable III"

Half the time a playthrough ends because you're just randomly dropped into a situation that's literally impossible to survive. It's not even a matter of getting good, it's a matter of being lucky enough to not be placed in one of these situations. It's difficult to enjoy a game where death feels like some bullshit random chance.

I did it! I've been playing for like three days but I finally won! I got my ranger to learn charm and fear and bamboozled my way to the Goblet! Yahoo

Good game but i didn't play the other 2 yet

It could be five stars, easily. However, it just isn't balanced. For half the level you run around not running into anything, and then you bump into 10 bees that move twice as fast as you. If you just so happen to be a class with no serious crowd control, you cannot escape from that situation. It is instant death. Every single playthrough I play, I die because of RNG not working in my favor.

The game looks amazing. The game feels amazing. The game very well COULD be amazing. Just let it be, dammit.

That said, the game is very fun. I really can't stop playing, even though I am without fail, enraged.

Great game!

While it`s true that the game becomes less hard as your character progresses there are still some tight situations that require some quick thinking to get out of. Encountering situations may be based on luck and having the right things to get out of a bind may also be based on luck but it`s this randomness that provides the replay value.

In my opinion the enchanter class is the best class because of its great versatility.