Madam Mim's Bet

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magical bikini 5 Points

complete story on easy difficulty

magical slave 5 Points

How can anything be good when you are a slave?

bad boy 10 Points

you are a bad boy Arthur

magical bath 10 Points

complete story on normal difficulty

magical shaker 25 Points

exercise is good for your health

magical waifu 25 Points

complete story on hard difficulty

precise cast 25 Points

complete game on easy difficulty no damage

master cast 50 Points

complete game on normal difficulty no damage

high class wizard 100 Points

get above 10000 points on arcade mode

perfect cast 100 Points

complete game on hard difficulty no damage

Author Comments

Help Arthur and Merlin win the sexy bad witch's Bet !

Game play through on Youtube:

Match and synchronize the same magic circle by
W - up circle
S - down circle
A - left circle
D - right circle
Fix the flaw, incomplete magic circle by key E.
Fill up the bar to win, lose all 10 orbs to lose.

Arcade mode:
1.fill up bar now recover all 10 orbs but increase speed.
2.Your score will be register on Hi-Score board.
3.Get over 10000 points to get "The Secret Code" ???
(Maybe there are more than 3 bets you can choose when Merlin was asking you...?)

The secret code is randomly generated every time this game initiate to prevent people posting the code, so use it without refresh the game.Sorry for the inconvenience. Also, you are a "bad boy" if you try to guess the secret code.

***Ver1.0 ***2018/6/8
The first upload version.

***Ver1.1 ***2018/6/17
(1)Add skip opening button.
(2)Change all the in-game text to embedded text or shape to avoid text cut off problems.
(3)Change some grammatical issue in the dialogue.

-----behind the scenes story-----
This game was inspired by(also a parody) Disney's 1963 old animated movie "The Sword in the Stone", the movie itself was inspired by the 1938 same name novel by T.H.White, and the novel itself was inspired by the old legends in Britain...
(I believe everyone knows king Arthur and knights of the round table)

This is a free game to research many game designs or mechanisms and also express my personal opinion (review) on the movie. All original characters design IP belongs to Disney.
But the musics and game itself is originally created by PoliuxDimension studio.

Welcome to contact me or report bugs/suggestion below
or PM me on NG or my E-mail: poliuxdimension@gmail.com


Quick and fun game,
Was a bit confusing at first trying to figure out which symbol was partial and which was finished. Maybe include a picture of each one partially done and fully drawn in the tutorial, since the full symbol that we choose has more detail than either.

PoliuxDimension responds:

Yes, there is a 8 circle chart in the tutorial, upper row is the 4 complete circles, lower row is the 4 flaw circles. I did that for people who want to memorize the difference. You will find it close to the end of the tutorial. You probably missed it, you can go check it out.

It was fun. I think it was very different to see these characters, this is a movie not many would remember, but I like you captured her mischievous side. I thought the spell game was well done and having multiple endings made good replay.

PoliuxDimension responds:

it's probably more like most people actually never saw that movie, it was from 1963, it was 55 years ago, that is half century old lol...

But don't get me wrong, I'm not an old person, I accidentally found the VHS of that movie on my relative's old bookshelf when I was a little kid.

I really enjoyed this game. It is basically a puzzle game, with a small twist at some of the parts. The magic parts are pretty cool. It really meets my expectations, even higher than it, for a puzzle game on Newgrounds.

PoliuxDimension responds:

So this game belongs to puzzle category? I was so confused when I was trying to choose a category, I couldn't find a category that I think it would fit, so I chose skill-other.

A simple but fun game. It's not overly difficult, but not too easy either. The normal difficulty isn't too easy, and the hard is...well, quite hard. I like how there's also an arcade mode. The game is very addicting, and so is the soundtrack. It sounds really good. I like how the symbols light up when you connect something to them, even when fixing them. It can be a bit easier to keep track of where they are sometimes. The medals add extra motivation. The story and endings are pretty funny. The art is nice, although I'm not sure if you actually wanted the witch to look attractive, because the proportions are kinda uncomfortable. It's fun anyway, seeing as how Arthur's facial expressions are so exaggerated and the game clearly doesn't take itself too seriously. I wish when you click the bet button, you'd skip the last part of the cutscene. The secret ending was a bit disappointing. It took me way too long to figure out where I was supposed to input the code, because I just didn't even think of looking for a secret bet. Also, I think you could have excluded the voices. They weren't that good. Sometimes (not often) my keys refused to respond, but if I was quick enough, I could correct it. I'm not sure if hat's up to the game or my keyboard. Also, I saw someone complain about hte controls not being compatible with all keyboards. the easiest way to fix that would be to add an option for the player to customize the keys. Anyways, this was a very fun game overall.

PoliuxDimension responds:

So you are the second person mention the proportion problem. It's highly possible there is an anatomical problem...this bad habit of mine have to be fixed before my next game come out.

The hard part for the novice artist like me is that I watch my drawing too long, I kinda lost sharp alert of body ratio of my own drawing, but it's easier for other who have the first glimpse at the figure to point the problem out, it would be a huge help if you or anyone can point out which scenes of Mim contain weird body or facial proportion. Review or pm me, I appreciate that.

Maybe I'll totally skip voice, or just made some weird sound for the dialogue in my next game, welcome to give me more advice on how voice should be.

About the key problem...I'm actually digging that subject today, in JavaScript coding. I believe I will find a solution very soon.Thank you for this very detailed review. It helps a lot.

I do not regret getting the secret ending mine was 219394.

PoliuxDimension responds:

The secret ending is the only scene that I tried to use traditional way to animate. I'm still trying to learn how to make traditional animation more smooth, glad you like it.

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Credits & Info

3.74 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2018
6:15 PM EDT
Skill - Other