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Cyber Chaser

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Level 10 10 Points

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Level 14 10 Points

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Level 18 25 Points

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Level 22 25 Points

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Level 26 50 Points

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Level 35 100 Points

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Author Comments

Run, jump, duck and shoot in this super addictive runner. Complete missions, unlock weapons and purchase an array of upgrades.

The game combines the exciting gameplay of Joyride Jetpack and insane old-school action of Contra. Unlimited fun is waiting for you!

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i wish there was an option to lower the graphics

Game has all the qualities that a runner shouldn't, which means it ain't. And if that's his run, I'd hate to see his jog, much less his walk. Anyway, it ain't a shmup either, for obvious reasons. Almost a rail shooter, but then there's too much movement to consider it, so... I'm lost for category, but it's definitely wrong.

Still addictive, but the reverb from hell is killing me (betcha think this is some sorta Rockman killer? lol, it ain't).

The worst part? The game is so easy, Episode 3 is easily finished long before you hit Level 20, leaving me to grind this game like hell if I really wanna "finish" it. This also must be an older version, cuz I'm having to hold back: can't switch weapons back, and I think there's a 1K shots in a mission, so I can't upgrade either. Also, no buy-in for the RPG, and the laser blows Super Monkey parts. Blargh.

Annoying differences to Endless too. Think the four boss variety pack started around 6K last time I played. Here it's just before 10K. After that, the kick-down for good ups and any chance at crates seems to start going around 25-30K, which is right about where it changes again. Zero chances at "endless" then. Doesn't matter how many keys you have (16 max?). Talk about cheap. (I've actually unlocked every crate at this point a couple of times. Literally, no chance.) Then again, too much talk for a sub-par game. I'm out.

[edit] K. Yeah, ik. Finally got that speed on Endless. Took thousands of... were those mi or km? Meh. Anyway. Freaky deaky speed at the end of one run. Insanity lies in thinking a person has to break what... 30K(?) to really feel it. Never even realized I was going faster until about 35 and it was bustin my chops. No. Just, no.

Very addictive and I played for hours.


this is truly an arcade masterpiece, the 2d/3d graphic hybrid really adds detail and effect.

Credits & Info

4.32 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2013
6:26 AM EDT