Reviews for "Cyber Chaser"

Yet another great game from you! It's just fun to see what you'll do next. It's kind of strange, because I didn't understand it at first. It was weird to have a game where you just stayed in the same place and kept firing. Of course, that made it a tad easier. The music is also wonderfully done.

Is it just me or are the credits and info getting shorter? I can still recognize this style. This at least managed to win some kind of positive award. The music sounds better the more you listen to it. I'd like to play more games done with your graphics style.

SilenGames responds:

Thanks for comment!

One of the best games on New grounds, and highly addicting. Finished every quest, got every upgrade, and weapon. Although i'm wondering why the last 2 weapons can't be a primary weapon. Overall Great Job!

SilenGames responds:

Many thanks! Sorry, but it's ultimate weapon :) You can only catch it during gameplay.

excellent game. I haven't run into any glitches, the game runs smoothly even with a ton of shit on the screen, its fun.

I only have 2 complaints

first, the game's WAY too short.

second, on the third episode to a degree, and in survival mode all the time, there's so much stuff on the screen that it's impossible to see your character, which means jumping over pits and spikes, sliding under barricades, and dodging enemy projectiles becomes completely and utterly impossible. the only way I was able to do it at all was purchasing every single upgrade, which meant the health packs and such dropped really, really often.

maybe ease up on the amount of stuff on screen. bosses dying in survival mode was expecially annoying, because I wasn't able to see Anything, not my character, or spikes, or pits or enemies while the explosion animation played.

had to deduct half a star for it, but it really is an excellent game. just pleas, please fix the visual issues

Pretty fargin awesome.

i gone through the game only with gattling gun and no more uipdates... its far too easy and not enough levels =( if you improve that it would be great... right now its not that a chalange... =(