Reviews for "Cyber Chaser"

Excellent game, the amount of stages is pretty short though. I beat them all by level 25. Also, my medals aerent registered at this point in time, hopefully they unlock.

awesome game! I do have an extra challenge idea though...in the jumping challenge, how about bonus coins for hitting all the doors? other than that, keep it up.

Not very intresting, but good!

Pretty good game, although it can be cheap sometimes (it spawned me right next to a pit ). I think it deserves a 3. It has a good amount of weapons and power-ups. Although, the enemies were too repetitive (there are only 4 enemies in the game, not including the 3 bosses) and at some later stages the amount of bullets in the screen was unbelievable. Also, I don't like that he fires automatically: if there are enemies on screen and you just pick up a gun, it will be wasted. All in all, it's a good game, just not a Newgrounds classic like Newgrounds Rumble or Toss The Turtle.

Good concept, standard concept, not new concept. The difference between this and a better game is a combination of the sheer amount of clutter that this game has and that there is so much room for other improvement as well.