Reviews for "Cyber Chaser"

Awesome game! Just the perfect addiction stuff.
And I just never saw an intro as cool as this one! :D

Woo, now this really was a super-addictive shooter! Not just because of the medals, which greatly increase the reward, but also with the intensity of the play, and the plentiful in-game rewards in the form of upgrades, cash and diamonds. The graphics are great, the controls easy (though the tutorial gives some misleading advice, asking you do perform certain actions though the first obstacle after the advice pops up is usually something different - maybe this only happens if you initially fail on one obstacle) and the action is constant. Not sure the lack of ability to walk by yourself is entirely a benefit though. It would be great to stop occasionally and break an extra box or dodge an enemy attack before attacking (instead of just rushing past). So that's a both good and bas aspect of the gameplay, but overall, nice work!


Awesome game, full of upgrades and missions. 5 stars!

SilenGames responds:

Thanks for playing!

boss music and boss game!!

SilenGames responds:

Yay! :)

One of the best games I've played here.

SilenGames responds:

Many thanks for playing!