Reviews for "Cyber Chaser"

i love this game , i'm level 40 , but , how you can change the tesla gun to primary weapon?

i died the 1st time i fought the 2nd boss...
killed me with just 1 health bar left...
opened 5 key box.... got 10 keys, then opened a REVIVE~~!!!!!!!

Its a pretty solid game. My only negative about the whole thing is that unlimited jump is way too OP. With that and the pulse gun, I cleared the game in no time

This game has a lot of potential, and in fact, it was quite entertaining in the beginning. However, what really angered and frustrated me in a very unfair way was the boss of the first level. Really, the whole level was a fair game, and I cut through all the enemies like butter, but the boss felt like it should be one or two levels upward.
The boss could have been fair, if it was the only thing left. Instead, the level went on with the enemies and obstacles (*without* crates and power ups), which made everything near impossible. The boss' legs were a totally useless distraction (which is a matter of taste, though - nothing I would really consider bad), but more than often you were stuck in a dilemma: dodge the boss' bullets, then almost land on the laser of an enemy - jump again, almost land on spikes - jump again, almost land on the bullets of the boss - jumping not possible anymore, though I'm already on upgrade level 3 of 5 - and then you're forced to land on the bullets and lose health. You even lose a lot of health, so this action can only be done like 4 times. In contrast, the boss seems not to lose any of his health. This was a very poor designing choice, deserving the worst rating I can give without looking like it's just out of rage: 1.5/5 stars
Very pityful. I liked the graphics, the gameplay, and you had some nice ideas for the details. But you broke everything with the first boss. I'm sorry I didn't play any further, but after half an hour just for the boss I don't feel like I have to.

only 1 thing I dislike. there should be more episodes