Reviews for "Cyber Chaser"

sry, but it s just to much stuff on the screen ... to ... well ... to "flashy", at times I cannot see when enemies attack properly ...

Also, the concept isnt that new, sorry :/

its ok i mean the guy is terrible

This game is intensive, powerful and that epic guitar. Masterpiece game!

great and an addicting game. My only problem with it, is if you happen to luck out and get more keys from a chest on the bonus round and you click on another chest and get a revive (for example), you lose your remaining keys. Keys should be there till after the level (whether you die, or get through the level). Just my thoughts

Seriously addictive and fun. My only problem was that I finished chapter 3 at level 21 which seems entirely too early and now all that's left to do is keep repeating survival mode over and over again which gets boring really fast.