Reviews for "Cyber Chaser"

OMFG this game is absolutely AWESOME!!! I can't wait for the sequel...

i died the 1st time i fought the 2nd boss...
killed me with just 1 health bar left...
opened 5 key box.... got 10 keys, then opened a REVIVE~~!!!!!!!

Man, this game is awesome!
I just spent wayy too much time playing this and getting all of the upgrades and achievements.
The only problem is that once I got to level 40 the achievement popped up on screen but there is no record of it in my profile and the lock box on this screen doesn't show it as unlocked!
I'm pretty sure the game won't save so I'm afraid to close the window. Any suggestions??
Anyway, great game, this truly is a gem!

PURE AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stupidly addictive, and stupidly fun. Getting all of the Medals is going to be a cakewalk of entertainment!