Reviews for "Cyber Chaser"

Google Chrome, Doesnt save this T-T, I HAD 54/99 quests

this game ate my entire day *in a good way*

graphics were very good, gameplay was good, no story though *hence the 1/2 star missing* but story is not necessary with most games. i just wonder who these guys are and such.

i got all the medals, took me a long time. after a while the first boss became a joke, and i could beat him without touching any buttons. kinda fun actually.

farthest i got on survivor *with the acid gun* was roughly 15000* i think i did ok. probably could get way farther with the tesla (i have not used it yet)

personally i also did not like the fire gun, to slow, short range, not very strong compared to faster guns before it, and the laser trumps it also.

thanks for a fun game

a very good game!

OMFG this game is absolutely AWESOME!!! I can't wait for the sequel...

priity hard i say could you plese do cyber chaser 2