Reviews for "Cyber Chaser"

all weapons (kinda) have their own unique strengths and weaknesses... the fact that weapons replace eachother in terms of raw power is annoying

Very quality, great runner. I have completed with level 23. I want more then 3 episodes ))

Quite the awesome game, had alot of fun.. Done all the quests, all the upgrades, and ran through survival alot... Though, i'm wondering how to get the last few stars to get to level 40

Hilarious. Absolutely overwhelming. I don't know the last game like this, binding me for 3 hours! 32663m in Survival is quite nice i think, isn't it? Only the speed killed me, because i crashed instantly in houses. Only option was, to fly every time & then, the bosses got me in the "damn, i don't see anything"-area. Why was LVL40 a 0 points medal? Anyways: One of few games in my favorites. Thank you very much for it.

The game is extremely addictive. I wasted all the day for all the upgrades. The inly thing that confused me is how the hell should i reach lvl 40? I have upgraded everything (except Tesla gun), no more achievements, I reached 10000 in survival... What's the secret, damn it?
(Oh, by the way, 5 stars!)