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Guild Dungeons

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Adventure - RPG

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Oct 1, 2011 | 5:23 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Wow, thanks so much for the front page NG, you guys are way too kind. ^_^

If you guys have any questions, I'll answer them. Just let me know. ^_^ There are bound to be a few typos and some bugs, just let me know if one is super bad and I'll go fix it. This is mostly just for fun, don't bang me up too bad. :P

Fixed a bug that made it so that you couldn't buy gnomes sometimes.
I've uploaded a new version, I lowered the costs of gnomes some, so that they can be used for ranged support more easily. I also fixed a few small bugs, some of the bigger ones I haven't been able to repeat yet.
I increased the trade speed a tiny bit.
I also fixed the issue of transferring men to fight. If you start to send 50, and then decide to send all, the 50 you manually sent will be lost. This is fixed in my new upload, but it might not take effect yet. So be warned.
Fixed the loot screen so that it tells you how many knights died, and how many mushrooms you bring back from missions.

Q: No save?
A: nope, as I said in the startup of the game, this was really a big learning experience. I didn't/don't know how to handle a save file for a game this big. Next time I will know how I promise, but this game was just way to big to do a proper save on. Now, your experience is saved, and it gives your extra money when you start up again. So you can easily get caught back up in just a few minutes in most cases. Sorry for this minor inconvenience, but I just didn't prepare to make a save function for this game, and it got a lot bigger than I'd originally planned. Thanks and don't get too mad please. :D

Q: There are some clipping errors on the sides?
A: NG only allows a max size of 700, and I made my game 750, so I don't know how to fix that. The flash file is being distorted some. Hopefully it won't be noticeable to all of you though, but I noticed on one of my older machines in IE. Not in firefox or chrome.

Q: Where do I get money and silver?
A: Increase your population, you tax your population, so the more people you have, the more money you make.

Q: Where do I get stone? Freaking stone!? D:
A: The best place to get stone is from dungeons. But also the mines generate stone at a steady rate.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

yea great game! i love the whole setup of it, needs a tutorial. PLEASE make a second game or at least update it and try to get rid of the bugs, this is an awesome game 7/5!!!!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

My mouse hates you, yet I can't stop playing!

Very well done game, with some minor bugs, for example, I had enough resources to buy gnomes but it wouldn't let me, I bought a pig farm and suddenly i can buy the 300 gnomes i wanted, so no big deal. Anyway besides the save function that is really needed but you already exposed your reason for it's inexistence, the game needs a better way to buy buildings and even buy or sell resources, this game is capable of killing any computer mouse!
As a function i would probably like if you are thinking of creating more games like this is to know your army's force and the enemy's army force after you fought him, because I had a pretty nice army and it got defeated and I had just done a dungeon with almost the same difficulty and was sucessful.
All and all a great game, hope you create many more interesting games as this one.

Hyptosis responds:

Yeah, I havn't quite figured out the gnome thing, you can fix it by simply leaving and coming back, or buying 1 of any resource required for the gnomes. I'm looking into fixing that bug right now actually. Thanks fo rthe feedback, I'll work on it.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nearly Perfect

This game almost borders on perfection through its combination of simplicity and entertainment. My main complaint is the trade system. Any time that you want to trade large quantities of a resource it becomes very tedious (I wanted to buy 2k stone at one point and it took forever). The same applies to recruiting troops (but to a lesser extent since it seems you'd be far more likely to trade large quantities of resources than buy large quantities of troops). Other than these slight issues, the game is very enjoyable.

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Hyptosis responds:

Yeah, I'll fix the trade next time, thank you so much.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Is the End boss possible?...

Before I even bother trying again, I sent 2500 knights with the 100 bone sword spell active on warhorses, 1500 sun clerics, 3200 hedge mages and 900 gnomes, Singer as hero, White Staff and Lizard scale armor equipped.

My army only survived the first onslaught, then got crushed by Hell Scourger or whatever the report said o_0

I forget what what else I had equipped but sure I took mules, backpacks, dogs and whatever else my troops can carry.

So...was I unlucky, had my behind handed to me or if the end just unbeatable?....

Fun game even if just an experiment in coding, I'd suggest improving on what's here, if you're not tire of it (I know I'm not playing it :P)

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

finally beat it.

i finally beat it. took me a while because i misjudged the ranged units. it seems no matter how many nonranged you have, you just get shot down if you dont have enough.

i assume it has 2 factors for victory. one is melee, and one is ranged *magic may also be a factor.

also what determins the power of your melee and ranges are multipliers or stackers. such as the warhorses, and the equipment, not to mention the magic. so in all it was good, though hard to figure out how strong you had to be. i had 200 knights, 250 gnomes, 1300 warriors, and 80 thieves and lost to the last boss. later i went in with 300 knights, 800 gnomes, 1800 warriors, 400 rogues, 100 thieves, 12 clerics, 5 hedge mages and every boost i could get *including hasted arrows* i won.

i really stinks when all of your units die, though the exp helps you get it back really quick. i had 680,000 exp when i won. if i had lost all my units i could have restarted and gotten most of it back pretty quick.

the main issue i had was with mushrooms and gems. i couldnt find a good way of getting them besides trading for gold. and as everyone has stated before, the trade menu is a tad slow, though this makes it last a bit longer, its not less fun because it takes longer, i would have cheated SO bad if it worked faster. buy buy buy SELL SELL *now has 2000 gems mushrooms and fruit* (really the only things that are hard to get in bulk for units i used)

so for what it is i liked it, it wasnt TO hard, and i like broken games, i abused the heck out of it and had fun. thats why i like going on newgrounds, its not so balanced that i have to do it one way for maximum efficiency. it had lost of roads to victory.

oh for people who want to power game. spend your first hour building nothing but hovels and woodmills. you get exp every time you get taxes equal to the amount you get in gold. 1/10 of your population. i was getting 4000 exp every taxday. PLUS you get lots of gold and silver to buy more woodmills and the woodmills give you more hovels that increase your population. spend an hour doing that. and you should have WAY more then enough exp to restart and immediatly buy a keep. using the knights and such you can start blowing the snot out of the stronger dungeons and get gems. using the gems you can get your hands on some good equipment and take on the dragons, i never found a dungeon that gave me mushrooms. but thats how i avoided buying 5000 stones, your exp = all the base resources that arent food and gems when you start. so i start with 600,000 stone. as well as gold, silver, wood, and iron. pretty easy to get an army from that i think. just a lot of clicks.

thanks for the game! it was fun!!!

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Hyptosis responds:

You bet, thanks for the feedback and observations. Your tactics are similar to mine when I test the game. There is 1 dungeon that give good mushrooms counts, UP TO 50, but it's random, it says in the description, or maybe the scout report, that there is a lot of fungal growth there. But the dungeons are semi random, sometimes they don't show up and this changes roughly every 10 minutes.

I should have made more mushroom dungeons for sure.