Guild Dungeons

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Wow, thanks so much for the front page NG, you guys are way too kind. ^_^

If you guys have any questions, I'll answer them. Just let me know. ^_^ There are bound to be a few typos and some bugs, just let me know if one is super bad and I'll go fix it. This is mostly just for fun, don't bang me up too bad. :P

Fixed a bug that made it so that you couldn't buy gnomes sometimes.
I've uploaded a new version, I lowered the costs of gnomes some, so that they can be used for ranged support more easily. I also fixed a few small bugs, some of the bigger ones I haven't been able to repeat yet.
I increased the trade speed a tiny bit.
I also fixed the issue of transferring men to fight. If you start to send 50, and then decide to send all, the 50 you manually sent will be lost. This is fixed in my new upload, but it might not take effect yet. So be warned.
Fixed the loot screen so that it tells you how many knights died, and how many mushrooms you bring back from missions.

Q: No save?
A: nope, as I said in the startup of the game, this was really a big learning experience. I didn't/don't know how to handle a save file for a game this big. Next time I will know how I promise, but this game was just way to big to do a proper save on. Now, your experience is saved, and it gives your extra money when you start up again. So you can easily get caught back up in just a few minutes in most cases. Sorry for this minor inconvenience, but I just didn't prepare to make a save function for this game, and it got a lot bigger than I'd originally planned. Thanks and don't get too mad please. :D

Q: There are some clipping errors on the sides?
A: NG only allows a max size of 700, and I made my game 750, so I don't know how to fix that. The flash file is being distorted some. Hopefully it won't be noticeable to all of you though, but I noticed on one of my older machines in IE. Not in firefox or chrome.

Q: Where do I get money and silver?
A: Increase your population, you tax your population, so the more people you have, the more money you make.

Q: Where do I get stone? Freaking stone!? D:
A: The best place to get stone is from dungeons. But also the mines generate stone at a steady rate.


yea great game! i love the whole setup of it, needs a tutorial. PLEASE make a second game or at least update it and try to get rid of the bugs, this is an awesome game 7/5!!!!

good but you need to improve the trade so you can sell or buy multiple items at a time instead the one at a time aside from that a very good

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great game, bud needs a better trade system, like a sell all. and the most important product is cheese, since it's worth 5 gold and is not used too much.

other thoughts are maybe something to clearly see what the scout thinks you need in the dungeon like a list of some sort, and a fix for the spells, cinse i cant tell if they work(and if they do, the see in the dark spell if broken)

just some little tings for a better and easyer play. nothing bad

A really great idea, it had me hooked from the start. Unfortunately there are a number of short-comings. Obviously these are due to this being your first game. I would hope you would consider making a sequel to this to iron everything out, as it has the potential to be a very very good game.

At the moment, anyone who loves left clicking or holding down mouse buttons will LOVE this game. For those like me who do not you'll be wishing for a feature allowing bulk buying. The lack of save games has also been covered to death.

My main gripe is not with those though. It's the balancing. While the dungeons should be the main focus, they are far from it. They are not the best source of loot, nor exp, nor anything. Your best bet in this game is to build up the city (see: build LOTS of lumber and houses, wait for 5 hours, then win). Suggestions: Your forces gain battle experience and go up in ranks/level up. Also, more loot. Perhaps hidden items (armor/weapons/other) found in dungeons.

I also have no idea how my army will fare in a battle. I have to hope for the best. And it seems I either obliterate the enemy, or they obliterate me. So if I lose, I have no idea if it was a close battle or not. Suggestion: Have the scout give advice about relative army strength. Also, give a count as to number of units I killed (seeing my hero getting 100+ kills would be cool). Some animations showing your army in action would be ideal here.

On a positive note, your drawing skills seem fantastic. It's a shame you didn't put them to use for an ending graphic, that would have been very rewarding.

As I say, I would LOVE to see you come back to this idea and re-work it with your obviously improved skill set. Great potential here.

Oh and just because everyone else was posting it. My final army to win:
300 Henchmen, 500 Rogues, 500 Warriors, 200 BattleMasters, 400 Thumpers, 850 Destroyers, 825 Gnomes, 400 Knights, 9 Clerics. That is all.

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This is a really good game. Simple and fun.

I have one bug to report. You can build pig farms even without stone. It can be any value than 0.

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Oct 1, 2011
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