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Story Time :D

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I made this for an Industrial tech assignment. we had to make an interactive flash animation of a kids story.

I know it's pretty child friendly and all But Most people will still be able to take away something from it, even tho a lot of the animation is just tweening.

But yeah keep in mind I'm just starting out with flash animation.

Fixed a looping problem.

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Great animation, but you still ruined my child story, I always imagined that the 3 litlle pigs ate wolf soup.
Still, great work! :D

Aww, that was cute!

Very very nice
I enjoyed all little animations.


Can't blame the wolf for trying

Good thing the pigs in real life are not that smart, or delicious pork chops would cost helluva more !

just Awesome... :D

Someday , Im gonna read this to my sons and they will learn that they should bulid a house with bricks, not with paper or whatever was first little pig used to build his house... Some~day~~~ :D :D :D

I really enjoyed this.

"Only problem is at the end. The music abruptly stopped when the book closed." -TheLavaMuffin.
This was a point that the music is only within the book, as you only hear it when the book opens in the beginning.
I find this story was extremely enjoyable and I love getting to see childhood stories like this be expressed in new and fun ways.
I REALLY enjoyed you just finishing off the two pig brothers in the beginning of the story.
You've very fluid animations upon a simple basis of which to place it. You took a very offbeat route few dare to travel and It came out fantastic.
Great job.