Reviews for "Story Time :D"


the animation, tough my laptop was lagging a bit, it was simple, and fluid, the story was a little different than I remember it to be but I think I like this version a little bit more, finally the music from the piano was a nice touch, it really was like seeing an old cartoon.

That was really something :D

You captured the original essence of what fables really are: grotesque stories with so many dead people that horror movies are nothing compared XD.
when I was a kid I read Oz the wyzard and it was full of violence (the scarecrow breaks about 20/30 crow necks, the steelman reap off a bunch of bears with his axe etc. etc.) so i'm impressed that you have made up a show so sincere.

The animations are very well made, the characters are incredibly vivid, and the narration isn't invasive at all.

Nice work man, can't wait till next story time ;D

I liked the variation

Although the setting was simple, it worked anyway. You should make of these films if you can.

It was alright

I thought this was going to be an interactive video but it was only interactive by you could flip the pages on your own. It would have been nice if you could click on an object every page and it would do something. Also, you spelt 'decided' incorrectly.

JamalMason responds:

lol I knew someone would notice a spelling error that I missed. Thanks for the helpful feedback.


Its very creative and good animated ;)