Reviews for "Story Time :D"


wolf soup, good for what ailes ya


if this was your first movie then i'm surprised because most firsts are stick pivots


its a nice animation, but its nothing new and its all the same story everyones heard. try making the original story different to make it funny. theres been something like the wolf just went to his neighbours for sugar with the sniffles. he suddenly sneezed and blew the house down, then saw the dead pig and thought why would i waste it? im hungry anyway and ate it then landed in jail.


I thought this was absolutely HILARIOUS!!! You put a GREAT twist on a old story! very creative! Also I think you did a very good job with your flash animation! 10/10 :D

it was pretty good

nothing too new or anything like that i just liked it but ill give it a 10 anyways because i aways give people 10s