Reviews for "Story Time :D"

Kudos to you

The animation was brilliant. Everything ran smoothly, and the art style was charming. The music fit perfectly with the story, which was well told. I believe this was based off the original story of the "Three Little Pigs", right? I mean, that's where you would get the whole "wolf drowning in a pot of water" thing.

JamalMason responds:

Yep kinda, it was based off a mixture of the old story and the more modern story's.
TY for the review.

good job dude

i liked the fact we could turn the pages manualy

man kids stories are scary.

I mean, they got eaten alive! at least the F'king alien crushes your scull first with his mouth thing before eating your ass.

now I'm going to have nightmares!!!

on a more mature note, this was maybe the best book style flash i've seen on NG. most are just static shots, i liked it.

for next time:
a little more pizass, black and sepia look timeless... which is a funny way of saying really old.

It was great :)

I thoroughly enjoyed that. Your animation is very smooth and I hope to see more from you.

Not bad

I could imagine this being better if it was less child friendly. It's not a bad animation
and doesn't seem to have any flaws as far as i was able to make out. Blood would've made it alot more entertaining but i guess kids are not allowed to know about the blood they possess for some time(-_-). I await to see some child-unfriendly stuff soon from you.